11 May 2017

Use good talent in your videos

This is video Two in an eight part series – “The 8 Golden Rules for online video success”

Rule #3: Who’s Got Talent?

Hopefully, you do! And if you use talent in your videos you’re going to see a great conversion success. In other videos I’ve created, I’ve talked about how some companies test talent against each other to compare videos and there’s always a winner from a conversion standpoint.

Someone must represent your company’s product or service. You may want that person to appear often on your video footage as the primary face, voice or style for your customers to view. Before deciding which person will speak to your viewers, consider what customers you are trying to reach.

Your CEO may be willing and able to step up to the camera lens and begin talking to your customers. But, is your CEO the best person? Consideration must be given to the target audience you intend to reach with your video content.

Your viewers will be of a particular demographic. You want to specifically speak to them in a language they can understand and in a manner they can identify with. It may be necessary to hire a third party to represent your product or service, someone that can look the part and can influence your viewers directly.

Every eye laid on your video content will see the person your company chose to represent it. That representative is called your talent. Will your viewers see your talent as believable? Credible? Your reputation and the reputation of your product or service is in your talent’s hands forevermore.

The video content you share with your customers can be there for years to come unless you decide to later put it in the vault, shelve it, and try to retract it from all of the Internet exposure it received while housed on your company’s website for your viewers to watch.

Think of the old Cal Worthington commercials with the bouncing ball, the catchy tune about his ears, the outlandish suits and costumes ole Cal donned before the lens captured him for television viewers. Your company may not want this type of image as part of its long-term branding.

Your talent is critical to the success of your content, the viewing of that content by your customers and the image viewers develop about your company. Decide at the starting gate to go with professional talent to inspire your company’s viewers. You’ll know without a doubt that your pro will always be savvy in front of a camera, especially when the room is packed to the gills with equipment and short-on-patience crew members.

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