27 Mar 2018

Create 30 individual “video blogs” for your social media marketing

Video blogging is a great tool for your social media efforts.  Build connections
with your viewers like never before with full motion video and supporting written

The problem is: it’s very hard to produce a lot of video content in one sitting and
make it affordable. We have figured out a way through years of experience in
producing video to create multiple video blogs and make it very cost effective for
our customers.

We don’t just shoot video! We create a whole campaign that makes these video blogs:

1.  SEARCHABLE for SEO purposes
2.  USABLE for your social media efforts
3.  SELLABLE for customers looking for information about your company -or-product

Sample Video:

How it works:
1 – We will create 30 blogs with supporting written content over a 1 day shoot
2. – Innovate will come to your location to shoot the video blogs
3 – Capture video of employees / thought leaders talking about your product/service
4 – Edit footage in to searchable relevant topics that can be organized as blogs
5 – Create written copy out of the video content that was shot ( includes editing )
6 – includes video hosting for one year via our private hosting solution

Sample video blogs we have done for customers:
Sample 1
Sample 2

SOCIAL + VIDEO let us know how we can help you integrate video into your
social media efforts  – contact Innovate Media today!